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Intelligent Provider Matching

HelixBeat intelligent provider matching features make it easy to connect patients with the proper healthcare professional within the institution. Your patients can now find healthcare providers best suited to handle their situation. HelixBeat adds a new way to deliver healthcare services without complexity.

Intelligent is the Important Distinction Here

Helix Beat takes a more targeted, data driven intuitive approach that makes it easy to connect patients with the proper healthcare professional within your institution, no matter your size or the complexity.

Our software does the thinking and presents the most favorable options. As a result, your patients can now find the healthcare professionals best suited to handle their situation. Helix adds this powerful, new way to deliver healthcare services without the traditional barriers and time-wasting paperwork.

Patients can connect with the right professionals without going through physical bureaucracy and get care from anywhere. Intelligence in the system makes it fast and efficient.

Eliminate frustrations due to long waiting times for provider matching. This is the key to HelixBeat systems: eliminating pain points at every juncture along the healthcare path. By quickly enabling the proper provider match, you ensure quicker resolution of the health concern at hand.

When you have the power that comes from monitoring the HelixBeat Intelligent Provider Matching system, you know you are delivering the right healthcare providers at crucial times to patients in need. Drastically increasing the likelihood of treatment success has never been easier, and patient satisfaction levels rise to new heights.


A deeper connection: Intelligent Provider Mapping

Intelligent Provider Mapping goes much deeper than simply connecting patients and health care professionals. Mapping is a deeper dive into patients’ needs based on precise symptoms and projected outcome.

Provider Management

No Guesswork

Patients aren’t required to simply guess who they should see for their care. Instead, HelixBeat helps identify the appropriate doctor based on their symptoms, cross referenced with their health plan (insurance) network.

This also brings the cost transparency to them so the patient can make the right decision to decisively move ahead on their treatment options without losing valuable time.


Take the Leap with HelixBeat

Are you ready to transform your business and embrace the digital future? Partner with HelixBeat and unlock the potential of advanced IT solutions. Reach out today to schedule a personalized consultation and embark on a journey of digital excellence with us. Your future in the digital world starts here.

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